FI Council poll: FI grant award - 2019 budget - twin poles

4 April 2019


This was sent to all NCAs by FI Commodore Christina Haerdi beginning of April.

If you wish to contribute your opinion please contact your NCA.


Dear NCA Presidents and Secretaries

In last year's open meeting the executive of Fireball International has promissed to implement rules for financial support. This is now ready for a decision by council. Because this is linked to the yearly budget with Council taking the responsibility of the yearly amount of awards, you will have to accept the actual budget as well.

Finally UKFA has submitted the request for changing the International Fireball Class Rules to allow twin poles. This topic has now been discussed for more than 2 years and I am confident, that most NCAs have had enough time to make up their minds.


Thus we want to get each NCA's answer on the following questions by May 1st 2019:


1. Do you accept the FI Discretionary Grant Award Terms and Conditions and Application?



2. Do you accept the 2019 budget?



3. Do you want to change the current International Fireball Class Rules to allow two spinnaker poles to be carried?


Suggested wording of new rule: New Rule 19.4: up to two spinnaker booms may be carried.


- Twin poles rule proposal from the UK Fireball Association

- Twin poles test report by Simon Hextall (Appendix 1)

- Twin poles estimated cost (Appendix 2)

- Notes from Carnac open meeting (3 Technical: Twin poles, any other technical issues)

- Alternative system by current rules: SayceRees


The deadline to return your answers to these questions is May 1st 2019


The following questions will be listed on the agenda of the open meeting held in August 2019 in Montreal CAN:

1. Report of mainsail batten length by Dave Hall

2. Use of carbon fibres for:

  a) Spinnaker poles

  b) Tiller extensions

  c) Booms


Please discuss these issues with your members and appoint a representative of your NCA to discuss your point of view or submit a written list of advantages and disadvantages you see for these topics.


Kind regards

Christina Haerdi 

Commodore Fireball International