IFAV Traveller's Trophy 2020-21 Program and Running Results

1 December 2020


to be published here

Event List

6 Feb 2021: Four of a Kind (FOAK) Regatta at Chelsea Yacht Club on Port Philip. 

13 Feb 2021: Royal Geelong Yacht Club  Fireball Invitation Club racing at the home of the 2022 Fireball World Championship.

20 - 21st Feb 2021: Warrnambool Regatta at Warrnambool Sailing Club

27 - 28th Feb 2021: IFAV State Titles at Cairn Curran Sailing Club

13 - 14th Mar 2021: Symmetrical Spinaker Regatta at Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club.

2nd - 5th Apr 2021: Western Region Easter Regatta at Lake Bullen Merri.

Scoring Rules

  • Results are scored individually. Where a team competes together across events and wins both team members are assigned the trophy
  • Total score = weighted average of Results and Participation
  • Scores are cumulative across events
  • For participation at an event, each sailor is awarded the number of boats in their Division at that event
  • The result score is 1 point awareded for each boat beaten at an event