Worlds Venue Criteria

Hosting a World Championship


The premiere event on the Fireball calendar is the World Championship. Bids are welcome from National Class Associations interested in hosting the event. In order to help the process, Fireball International has produced the "Fireball World Championship Hosting Guidelines" document which is available on the Fireball International Website at /admin/major-event-organisation/.

The requirements set out in the document are clear and the website has a fair amount of supporting information on how an event can be organized, funded and run.

Bids should address the following five points, adopted by Council in 2012:

   1. Places where people really want to go to.

   2. Rewards for NCAs who have supported other Fireball International events.
   3. Opportunities for fleet building.
   4. Geographic rotation.
   5. Financial impact.

Please ensure that the bid is from the NCA, and not a sailing or yacht club, or third party.

Bids are not accepted until they have been approved by Council. World Championships may not be held every year, as Council has determined that there should be a sufficient gap between events.

If two or more bids are submitted for a given year, Council will have to make the difficult decision as to who has been awarded the bid. The decision will be based on the five points listed above. If no bids are submitted for a given year, Council will decide whether, where and when a Worlds will be held.

Please keep in mind that FI would like to confirm events as far in the future as possible. This is to make it possible for NCAs to build up the steam required to organize and promote their event; to ensure that sufficient time is provided for fleet-building activities; to ensure that desirable places are available; to give people the opportunity to plan their future holidays; and to promote the Class by showing all of the great events to come. We don't want to end up scrambling at the last minute to set up an event that cannot be properly promoted and will inevitably end up being poorly attended.


Further information is available from the Fireball International Class Secretary.