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Fireball Sailing in Shetland

The Shetland Fireball Association is the Class Association for Fireball sailors in the Shetland Islands.

It is recognised by Fireball International as a full National Association and it successfully hosted, in conjunction with the Lerwick Boating Club, the 2003 and 2014 European Championships. 



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Shetland Fireballs on the International Scene

Forty-eight boats from six nations competed at 2003 Europeans which was eventually won by the crew of Andy Smith and James Meldrum from Notts County Sailing Club in England. The European Championships are due to return to the islands again in July 2014.

Since the 2003 European Championships, Fireballs from Shetland have competed at many regattas and championships on 'foreign' waters.
5 boats travelled to the 2005 Worlds in Teignmouth UK,
3 boats to the 2006 Celtic Championships in Largs, Scotland,
as well as representation at the 2007 Volvo Dun Lairgoire Regatta,
2008 Worlds in Thailand,
2009 UK Nationals in Weymouth,
2010 Worlds in Barbados 
2011 Worlds in Sligo, Ireland
2013 Worlds in Slovenia
The European Championships are due to return to the islands again in July 2014
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 Our Mission


To promote the Fireball Class in Shetland as a Fast, Friendly and Fun boat to sail!

Encourage Fireball racing
Maintain the one design nature of the class
Keep the boat modern
Promote communication amongst Fireball fleets and sailors worldwide

 Our Objectives


 Plan, promote and hold successful national and continental championships Encourage new boat purchases.

Attract young sailors Ensure excellent relations with the industry Maintain the Fireball status as an international class and build on excellent relations ISAF and Fireball International


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