Thoughts for the Fireball future



The main plans are to simplify some rules so as to make building easier and less
expensive, and to modernize deck design without change in performance.


September 2023 

At the Open Forum during the Europeans at Portoroz an important discussion about the future of the Fireball was led bei Dave Hall. Together with Dave Winder he has now summarized what has been proposed, replied and discussed there. Summary

 UK Buliders: David Winder (Winder Boats) & Dave Hall (Weathermark Sailboats)


Estimated costs: 

- Complete costs for a new design, including molds: £23,000 – £25,000

- £5,000 towards the development of new design

The question is raised about who pays for the process of changing the design. If the builders pay, they could claim rights to the new design. If FI pays, the rights to the building plans belong to FI and can be made available to any interested builders.


February 2024

FI Council accepted to spend £5000 towards the development of new design. (see FI AGM Minutes Feb 2024)

Self-draining features: There hasn’t been a chance yet to try out how high the floor would have to be. Such trials are crucial to see if the change is acceptable/feasible.