The Fireball Class has been hosting World Championships since 1966.

While in the early years numbers were capped, in recent years the event has been open to all Fireball Sailors who want to attend.

This allow sailors with all levels of experience to participate, enjoying both the tough racing on the water and the great social atmosphere on shore.

Fireball prides itself on taking the fleet to new and exciting destinations. We get to see and experience some very special places.

On the trip to Kenya in 2003 Fireballers got to go on safari on the layday seeing all Africa had to offer.

In Barbados there was a day trip out to swim with the Turtles.

In Durban the swim was more for the thrill seekers, climbing in the water with the Great Whites.

In Pattaya sailors got to experience the Budhist culture and visit the Golden Budha, Sitting Bhuda plus much more,

Fireball racing is tough but fair. There are prizes awarded throughout the fleet so all have something to race for.

Come and join us at one of our upcoming championships and see what fun the Fireball experience is.

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