Strategic Plan


Our mission is to promote and facilitate Fireball racing and sailing worldwide



Encourage Fireball racing internationally

Promote strong fleets around the world

Maintain the one design nature of the class

Keep the boat modern

Promote communication amongst Fireball fleets and sailors worldwide



Plan, promote and hold successful world and continental championships

Encourage new boat purchases

Attract young sailors

Extend FI's global presence

Ensure excellent relations with the industry

Maintain the Fireball status as an international class and build on excellent relations with ISAF

Facilitate trialing and introduce appropriate technological improvements

Institute frequent communiqués from FI and invite input


Action Plan          

Formalize and publish a 3 year rolling schedule for World Championships

Consolidate FI oversight on World and continental championship race management and event delivery

Establish and apply championship venue selection criteria

Conduct formal post event assessments and publish results

Define and update best practices for holding championships

Establish and implement mechanisms to expand FI membership

Enable boat builders and sail makers to promote their products on the FI web site

Establish and publish a "Boats Wanted" area on the FI site

Identify Fireball sailors in non-NCA countries and invite association

Create a Marketing and Fleet Development committee

Define and advertise the Fireball "brand"

Invite industry input on Technical committee

Maintain liaison with World Sailing

Maintain a current data base of NCA executive and full membership lists

Institute quarterly reports from FI to membership via web site

Institute quarterly conference calls for executive and NCA representatives

Establish and implement programs to attract young sailors

Collect and track data to evaluate the health of the Fireball fleet and success of our programs. These include number of participants at the World and continental Championships, number of countries represented, average age of sailors, first time participants, boats built, and other relevant data.

Enhance the FI web site and expand the use of social media


The growth pathway (2024)