1980 Worlds Durban RSA

A blast from the past


Richard Crocket, a photographer from South Africa, has put up some old pictures from the Worlds in Durban in 1980. I was there and have helped him with some of the names of the people in the photographs.

Stuart Angus (GBR-participant), September 2020


Article in Yachting South Africa by Richard Crockett with lots of photos of participants

same Article as .docx


for example UK Team:

1980 Worlds UK Team 

Back Row - Clive Robinson, Pete Bond, Frank Davies, David Bain, Pete Wootten, John McNamara, Kim Slater, John Aslop

Middle Row - Mike Eggleston, Ray Gosling, Stuart Angus (myself),Robert Haines,Mike Proter, Jack Davies 

Front Row - Martin Gotrol and Rich Parslow