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Fireball Sailor to Olympic Representative

Current British 49er sailor Stevie Morrison graduated to the 49er after honing his skills in the Fireball.

Stevie won the 2001 European and World Championships in Lake Bracciano. He also won the 2000 Europeans in  Ireland.

Stevie has just competed in the 49er class at the 2012 London Olympic Games where he narrowly missed out on a medal.

Stevie also represented Great Britain at the 2008 Beijing Olympics where he was pushing for gold in the medal race, only to lose out after a spectacular cartwheel.

Fireballs go on Safari 

On the lay day of the 2003 Safaricom Fireball Worlds held in Kalifi Kenya, sailors had the opportunity to fly out to a game reserve.

Straight after the days racing sailors flew out on a rather bumpy plane flight  for their wild adventure.

They stayed the night in a camp on the reserve and then spent the entire lay day on safari.

Lions, elephant, rhino, giraffe, gazelle and zebra were on display. Unfortunately the elusive leopard failed to show his face.

Sailors  returned to Kalifi late that night with many tails of the days great adventure.

It just goes to show that there is much more to a Fireball World Championships than just the racing.

Fireball graduate now rules the Olympics and Americas Cup

Chris and David Tillett from Adelaide, South Australia came into Fireballs from International Cadets in the early 70's.

Chris won a number of Fireball Australian titles and capped this off with a World Championship in 1982.

It is David though who has arguably gone onto greater sailing success.

David moved from competing to judging in the 80's and progressed up through the ranks.

He now sits top of the pile, as Chairman of ISAF racing rules, Chairman of the Olympic Rules Committee and Head Judge for the Americas Cup.

Not a bad effort by either really.

Hail King Vyv

Vyv Townend has been sailing Fireballs for over 20 years. In that time he has amassed no less than FIVE world championships as a crew. Four with current helm Chips Howarth and one with DJ Edwards.

Put a name with the face

Once a person enters the Fireball community they find it near impossible to escape, such is the strength of the boat and the commeradery of those who sail her.  Check out the old photos on the right and see if you can recognise the people in them. At least one person in each photo is still actively involved with the class and some are even still sailing Fireballs!!!!

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Do you recognise

these people?


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