2019-20 Victorian Fireball Traveller's Trophy

21 April 2020

Preliminary results for this season's Traveller's Trophy showed Glenn Peverell and Bruno Lanati in the running to share the trophy. This season Bruno reduced his travel and made sure he participated with Glenn in all the Traveller Trophy events. Andrew Butler made a valiant attempt in the final online event to knock off the leaders but there were just not enough competitors to enable him to bridge the gap. In the final wrap up Glenn Peverell maintained his lead, knocking out his crew Bruno Lanati to become the trophy winner for the 2nd year in a row! Final IFAV Traveller's Trophy results are published here.

Events for this season's IFAV Traveller's Trophy were held across 4 times and 5 locations. The sailing events constituting this year's events were focussed on Victoria's Western Region. Events and results as follows:

2nd - 3rd Nov 2019 (weekend prior to Cup Day)

23rd - 24th Nov 2019

28th Dec 2019 - 3rd Jan 2020

22nd - 23rd Feb 2020