Reminder: 2020 Nominations for Flag Officers

2 August 2020

Dear Presidents and Secretaries
I hope with all my heart that this mail finds you well and healthy.
Luckily some of us have found their way back to sailing. For all the others I keep my fingers crossed, that our world can overcome this unhappy situation as soon as possible!
I would like to remind you of your duty to nominate the Flag Officers, since our term ends by the end of the year. Election or re-election is based on our constitution as follows:

7.3 Council shall call for nominations for Flag Officers not less than eight months prior to the expiry of the current term of office. Nominations shall be closed four months prior to the expiry of the current term of office.

7.4 The Commodore shall be nominated by a NCA and seconded by another NCA. The Rear Commodores shall be nominated by a NCA in their region and seconded by another NCA. Thus by the end of August you may nominate candidates for the FI Commodore and the rear Commodore of your region.

Please send the name of your candidates to our secretary ( and mention the nominating and the seconding NCA.
For your information:
I have decided to stand again as FI Commodore.
Ben Schulz decided to no longer stand as Rear Commodore Australasia.
Second important information:
Pam Johnson has resigned as International Measurer for Fireball International. Therefore may I ask you to inform your national measurers about the open position.
More information about this you may find here.



Christina Härdi, Commodore