Big thanks

27 December 2020





Ben Schulz was already active during the last worlds held in Australia in 2012. He then introduced the new FI website, which still provides all important news to the Fireball sailors worldwide. In the last three years he was the one who pushed us to present the financial data in a well-arranged way.

David Laing took over in 2014. From the beginning he committed himself for the Worlds in South Africa in 2016. He had to convince the hesitant sailors about the benefits and attractions of his country. All those who attended know, that he was right. It was so much more than just a regatta!

Debbie Kirkby served during the last six years. The event in Tampa hosting the Midwinters and the North American Championship in 2015 was a great kick-off and the Worlds 2019 in Montreal the top event of her career. Her outstanding kindness supported and entertained us wherever we met. In her presence any event turned out to be a great party.

Our International Measurer Pam Johnson also decided not to renew her IM status. For me, she was the fixed star of measurement controls at international events. Her teams were super fast and perfectly organised. It is only when other sailors told me that I realised, that before her era such controls normally lead into an endless queuing of boats waiting for hours instead of having fun on the water. Pam combined strictness with simple solutions: In Barbados I raced with a sealed water bottle instead of lead attached to the thwart. And most importantly all her activities went with her good humour. It made the checks a welcome encounter.

I am very gratefull to all of them for their contributions to FI!



FI is happy to welcome the new Rear Commodores Heather Macfarlane, Alastair Bush and Evelyn Chisholm in the Executive. They are all sailing internationally and they will act as a bridge  for the Fireballers of their respective continents and Fireball International and contribute to the future of our class.

Mitja Nemec and Dave Hall will join Tom Egli to enlarge the technical committee. They too are active Fireball sailors and will provide their knowledge as measurer and boat builder respectively. I’m curious about their ideas to keep our boat up-to-date and attractive for young sailors.

Chris Henderson actual International Measurer of the Nacra 17 is willing to take over as IM for the Fireball class as well. We are looking forward to meet him face-to-face for the first time in Piombino Italy in 2021 and getting a new friend of the Fireball class.

I am looking forward to the New Year!

Your Commodore
Christina Haerdi