Council decision & information March 2021

14 February 2021



Dear Presidents and Secretaries




The budget 2021 awaits council decision.

We want to get each NCA's answer on the following question:

Based on the council decision published May 4th 2019 concerning the FI Discretionary Grant Award Terms and Conditions and Application Procedure, Council has to decide about the budget 2021.

See FI budget for 2021 and budget & accounting 2020 for comparison. A maximum amount of £ 2000 for Discretionary Awards is included as stated in the Terms and Conditions. Additionally FI proposes to subsidize each container going to Geelong for the Worlds 2022 with £ 1000?

  • Do you accept this budget 2021 including £ 2000 as a maximum amount available for members and organisations of FI as stated in the Terms and Conditions and container subsidies of £1000 per container.

    YES / NO

    The deadline to return your answers is March 15th. 



  • FI membership fees for 21 will be demanded as before 2020. Since discs already printed for 2020 were not used shall be distributed for 2021 to save the expenses. Thus, discs labelled 20 will be valid for 2021
  • Worlds 22: Planning will go ahead: Only reasons for cancelling would be if quarantining was still in place, as well as prohibitively high airplane tickets or other costs. Deadline for decision will be October 2021 (before shipping of boats!)
  • Carbon poles: Correct wording has been discussed with World Sailing and the new rule will be integrated definitively as soon as possible.
  • New RRS 50.1(c) in RRS 2022 - 2024 says:

    A trapeze harness worn by a competitor which may be used to support the competitor on a trapeze shall be of the quick release variety complying with ISO 10862 which allows the competitor to detach from the hook or other method of attachment at any time. A class rule may change this rule to permit trapeze harnesses that are not of the quick release variety, but a class rule may not change the requirement that a quick release harness comply with ISO 10862. Note: Rule 50.1(c) does not take effect until 1 January 2023.

    FI Executive wants to discuss this issue within the whole community before taking a decision!

    Do we want to force every single team to comply with this rule when racing or should we change our class rules to leave this decision up to the Fireball sailors?

    We want you to discuss this within your membership. We will further propagate the dsicussion by broadcasting it via social media and any other applicable channels.

  • Understudies for the Executive: In order to involve young Fireball sailors in the management of the International Association, we want to invite all NCAs to recruit young members up to 30 years of age. A major goal should be to demonstrate the international co-operation and friendship within the committee, the association and the whole Fireball family.

    Please invite your young members to contact us if they are interested. My  contact:

  • WANTED: Members with UI design skills that would be interested in collaborating with Heather Macfarlane on a subscription digital process. This is a project to replace the yearly discs and membership cards in the future. 
  • And last but not least: Good news for the world wide community. The famous UK Dinghy Show will take place on Feb 27 and 28 and stays accessible for 30 days to all of us for free... online!

    UKFA has done a great job to install a virtual booth and advertise the Fireball and our activities! Just come and register!

Kind regards and still: Stay safe!

Christina Haerdi 
Commodore Fireball International