Rear Commodore North America

10 March 2021


Introducing our new Rear Commodore North America, Evelyn Chisholm! Evelyn represents North America on the Fireball International committee. Thank you to Evelyn for stepping up into this role!

In her own words:

"I started sailing as an adult and some would say that I learned sailing a bit backward. I started on a C&C 24 with fun sailing and PHRF racing and was introduced to the Fireball in the early 2000s.
In my first summer sailing Fireball, I participated as crew in club racing on Vancouver Island and 2 or 3 road trips to sail Lake Newell, AB, and a couple other BC locations.
We hosted the World’s in Victoria, BC in 2006 and that event gave me the bug to try and do more World events. I made it to Thailand in 2008, France in 2018, and Montreal in 2019.
I have made friends of complete strangers by meeting a lady in Portland and adding her boat to mine on the trailer and driving (22 hrs) to Dillon, CO to meet our Skippers for the 2008 NA’s. Or just setting up the boat for a regatta with mixed fleets and finding out how many older keelboat sailors recognize the class and started out sailing them.
I have found the fleet to have amazing comradery to help with racing rules, boat repairs or system upgrades, sourcing sails, or calling tuning tips across the water. Even just someone to sit with onshore and share a table with at a regatta with great stories of racing and competition or shenanigans found at competitions."