Worlds 2022 new venue

16 June 2021



They will take place at the Lough Derg Yacht Club, based in Dromineer. Lough Derg is Ireland's 3rd largest lake, a blue eye in the center of the green Island.

Thousand thanks to the Irish NCA and Lough Derg Yacht Club to make this possible in such a short time.

The dates are as follows: Pre-Worlds 18/19 August, Thursday/Friday, Saturday 20th Measuring.Worlds: races from Sunday 21st to Friday 26th with a lay-day on the Wednesday. 


more Info @ LDYC 




See you all there.


Commodore Fireball International



A brief summary of where Lough Derg is located, a summary of historical wind data, some indication of the range of accommodation and, a few suggested tourism websites by Lough Derg Yacht Club: Lough Derg Info

Please note, there are 2 x Lough Derg lakes in Ireland. The lake to which we refer is located in the South of Ireland and is sometimes referred to as the Shannon, Lough Derg. (The Norther Ireland Lough Derg is a pilgrimage site noted for the tradition for suplicants to walk bare-foot around the islands!)

More information comming soon - stay tuned!