Council Decisions April 2022

8 April 2022


11 out of 14 NCAs took part. The total of voting rights was 28.

The voting about the two questions asked got the following results:


Do you accept this budget 2022 including £ 3000.- as a maximum amount available for members and organisations of FI as stated in the Terms and Conditions 


YES: 26 / NO: 0


Do you accept to change the Fireball International Class rule adding a the new paragraph: Racing Rules of Sailing Rule 50.1 (c) shall not apply.


YES: 26 / NO: 0


Based on this decision the executive will submit now the proposal for the rule change to World Sailing.


We want to thank all NCAs for their confidence in the executive!

Please encourage your young members to get a grant awarded by FI. The document and application form is available here.


Christina Haerdi
Commodore Fireball International