Containers to AUS

27 July 2023



Dear Fireballers

Go for the next big and exciting Fireball highlight!


It is NOW, that we have to make our final plans to get reservations for a space in the containers going to Geelong Australia.


  • Deadline for reservations is July 24th.

It is then, when we decide definitively, if there will be more than one container shipped from Continental Europe to Geelong. One container from GBR is fully booked. Thus, GBR crews will have the chance to get a space in a container from continental Europe.

Reservations wil be considered on a "first come first served" basis.


UPDATE July 27: There wil be two containers leaving Continental Europe. There is room for more boats! Contact Chtistina asap.


Reservations will be valid only after payment of a deposit (around € 1000.-). Furthermore a form has to be filled to enable all requirements for custom forms (e.g. Carnet ATA).

After contacting me (, I will send an invoice and the form to be filled.

Loading will be done between 15. and 25. October 2023. in Prague CZE or Frick SUI.

I am looking forward to get a bunch of members keen for the Australian adventure!!