FI Council decisions March 2020

5 March 2020



Until end of March the NCAs decide on the FI budget 2020 and on permitting the use of carbon spinnaker poles in future.

 We want to get each NCA's answer on the following questions - To vote please contact your NCA ...



Based on the council decision published May 4, 2019 concerning the FI Discretionary Grant Award Terms and Conditions and Application Procedure, Council has to decide about the budget 2020.

Do you accept this budget 2020 including £ 2000 as a maximum amount available for members and organisations of FI as stated in the Terms and Conditions





Based on the discussion at the Open Forum in Pointe Claire CAN on August 29, 2019 concerning carbon poles, I propose to allow to use carbon spinnaker poles.

The following changes to the International Fireball Class Rules would be made (changes in red), subject,  to the approval of World Sailing:

Rule 8 (PROHIBITIONS): - Materials containing carbon fibres, except as permitted by IFCR 12 and IFCR 19.4.

New rule 19.4: Materials: Notwithstanding Rule 8 (PROHIBITIONS), spinnaker booms from resins containing fibres of any material including carbon fibres may be used.

The following arguments were given during the discussion:

- Costs have come down a lot, difference to fibre glass are minimal amount.

- Many carbon manufacturers in different countries and continents, carbon is often easier to come by than aluminium poles.

- Stiffness is the most important argument, which does not necessarily correlate with weight. Therefore, a minimal weight rule does not make sense.

- Allowing carbon poles must not lead to a progress of allowing carbon masts.

 This proposal is seconded by UKFA.

Do you agree with these changes in the event that Word Sailing accepts the changes as well?




The deadline to return the NCA's answers is 1st of April.


Kind regards

Christina Haerdi 

Commodore Fireball International