Council Decisions and Information March 2022

3 March 2022


Dear Presidents and Secretaries

We want to get each NCA's answer on the following:


1. The budget 2022 awaits council decision

Based on the council decision published May 4th 2019 concerning the FI Discretionary Grant Award Terms and Conditions and Application Procedure, Council has to decide about the budget 2022.

See the FI Budget for 2022 and Budget and Accounting 2021 (reviewed Feb. 17th 22)  for comparison. A maximum amount of £ 3000 for Discretionary Awards is included as stated in the Terms and Conditions. Thereof £ 1000.- will subsidize the costs of an International Measurer to be trained for the Fireball. £ 2000 may be used for young participants participating the Worlds 2022 in Ireland.

 Do you accept this budget 2022 including £ 3000 as a maximum amount available for members and organisations of FI as stated in the Terms and Conditions?



2. International Fireball Class Rule Change awaits council decision

As you may or may not know the RRS 2021-2024 state that in 2023 a trapeze harness will have to be of a quick release variety complying with ISO 10862 (RRS 50.1(c)). See below:

FI technical committee has been monitoring the situation since the RRS 2021-2024 came into effect and also encouraged discussions on the topic at national and international events.

Reading RRS2021-2024 and the ISO standard the FI technical committee is not aware that there are any currently available quick release systems that comply with ISO 10862. Even if some of them might comply, it is highly questionable that compliance can be proved by current owners.

The new rule applies to all trapeze classes, should compliant harnesses become available there could be a supply issue in the short term.

World Sailing allows classes to change this rule to allow harnesses that do not conform. The Fireball class needs to decide if it wishes to permit harness that do not conform to ISO10862.

The Technical committee after listening to the majority of sailors in Europe, recommends allowing harnesses with or without a quick release system and therefore not to comply to the RRS 50.1c.

Please discuss the proposed new paragraph with your members and give us the answer to the following question.

David Hall
Chairman FI Technical committee

Do you accept to change the Fireball International Class rule adding a the new paragraph: Racing Rules of Sailing Rule 50.1 (c) shall not apply?



The deadline to return NCA's answers is March 31th.




Please inform your members interested in attending the Worlds 2022 about the possibility to get a grant awarded by FI.

The document is available here.

Kind regards

Christina Haerdi 
Commodore Fireball International