55th International Fireball Australian Championship

4th - 7th February 2022 - Portland Yacht Club, Victoria



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The Portland Yacht Club (PYC), Portland, Victoria, as the organising authority in conjunction with International Fireball Association of Australia Inc. (IFAA), invite entries for the 55th International Fireball Australian Championship to be conducted  from Friday 4th to Monday 7th February 2022

Notice of Race update 1. Updates are clause 2.3 Entry link added and clause 4, Sunday session time updated.

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Sailing Instructions (to be loaded by mid January)

Come join in the fun of this long awaited 55th National Fireball Championship ;). In the relaxed and welcoming environment of a country yacht club, with local amenities and close by accommodation plus sponsorship from local businesses led by Gunners Office Equipment this event promises to be great value and great fun.

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