IFAV 2021 - 2022 Travellers Trophy

18 April 2022

Fireball Victoria Australia Traveller's Trophy 2021 - 2022 season

Winners are Myles Gavin and Ben O'Brien


Results - final

The trophy presentation was held at Lake Bullen Merri, Camperdown, at the conclusion of the final event of the season. With their 1st place in the Geelong Sprint Day and good results at Nationals and States Myles and Ben did enough to maintain their lead at Lake Bullen Merri. 

Congratulations Myles and Ben

This last traveller's event was challenging with winds ranging from 5 knots to 30 knots across the 3 days! Josh Garner did a fabulous job with father Brendan crewing to complete all the races including Sunday morning with 24 - 30 knot winds and 40 degree shifts that saw all other crews tip over. Josh and Brendan were 1st fireball overall for the regatta and 2nd overall for the Division beaten only by a Sharpie.

Susannah Gillam and Andrew Butler also showed resilience and form, completing all races and winning race 3, both for fireballs and for the whole Division. They were the only fireball to win a race at the Division level.

Special mention for this last regatta go to Ben Garner and Sebastian (Seb) Durran sailing their first fireball regatta in Return of the Jedi (AUS14572). It was great to see them holding their own against heavier, more experienced crews.


Due to Covid challenges early in the season and yacht club clashes we ended up with 4 regattas to count in the Traveller's Trophy and 3 regattas cancelled. Glenn and Bruno have been consistent and present - demonstrating the dual purpose of this trophy - participation and performance.

Regattas counted are:

Regattas cancelled this year :(

Scoring Rules for the Traveller's Trophy

  • Results are scored individually. Where a team competes together across events and wins both team members are assigned the trophy
  • Total score = weighted average of Results and Participation
  • Scores are cumulative across events with top 4 for each sailor of this season's 6 events to count. (All events to count this season)
  • For participation at an event, each sailor is awarded the number of fireballs in their Division at that event
  • The result score is 1 point awarded for each fireball beaten at an event